Saturday, August 13, 2005

OpenNETCF 1.3 Reinstall Bug

OpenNETCF 1.3 has an annoying bug that causes it to be reinstalled by Visual Studio every time you run/debug an application. Here's a workaround to stop this from happening (OpenNETCF 1.4 also supposedly fixes the bug):

  1. Open this file: 'C:\Documents and Settings\[user profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\visualstudio\devices\7.1\conman_ds_package.xsl'. Make sure you open the right one as there may be copies under each user profile on your PC as well as under the 'All Users' profile.
  2. Save a backup copy.
  3. Find the following PACKAGE element: '<PACKAGE Name="OpenNETCF.dll" InvariantName="OpenNETCF.dll" ReadOnly="true" Protected="true" xmlns="">'
  4. Delete the entire PACKAGE element and all of its contents. (It's quite long--about 400 lines.) You may also need to restart Visual Studio if it's open.
This will stop the OpenNETCF automatic install/reinstall for all platforms, but you will need to manually install OpenNETCF the first time on any devices you are working with in the future.

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