Friday, April 23, 2010

When Competitors Are Using Your Code...Does That Mean You're Being Too Transparent?

Openness and transparency are all the rage in startups these days. Don't hide the fact you're small. Be accessible to customers. Blog about your ideas and plans. Openly dissect your successes and failures. Share your work.

About 2 years ago I posted a video scene detection algorithm written in C# on this blog, while I was still just tinkering with the ideas behind GridRoom (and before I had decided to make a business of it).

Last night I was contacted by a developer who works for Agile Sports, makers of a high-end competitor to GridRoom. Their product is used by a number of NFL and Division I college football teams. The bottom end of their market is probably the largest high schools, while that's the top end of my intended market for GridRoom.

Apparently they've been using my scene-detection code with great success, but he had a couple of questions about how it worked. I'm pretty sure he didn't realized he was asking a competitor for help.

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