Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Simple Savant Passes 2000 Downloads

image Simple Savant, my .NET library for Amazon's SimpleDB service, passed 2000 downloads last week!

That's not a huge number compared to the most popular open-source projects. But considering that SimpleDB is still in beta and something of a niche product and that .NET apps built on SimpleDB are a niche within the niche, it's not too bad!

Also nice: So far Savant has been rated a 5-star project (the highest) by everyone who's reviewed it!


Tim said...

I'm using Simple Savant in a Monorail web application. Also been using it for a while in my companies desktop app error reporting. I've yet to have any issues with it!

Ashley Tate said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'd love to add your apps to the list of apps using Savant on Codeplex (if possible):

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